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Creative Arts East

Summer 2022  

June 2022

I was invited to design an activity for the Creative Wellness Packs that were sent out to the elderly, often isolated and alone in rural areas during the covid pandemic. The premise was to engage the participants in an activity that could be done at home whilst connecting with nature.There had to be little, or no cost by encouraging the use of recycled materials found in their homes.

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'Recycled Seascapes'

Mindful making in collaboration with 'Creative Arts East'

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"That was fabulous"

Lea Schiller, Project Officer at Creative Arts East

This activity was followed up by a 'Live' zoom social and create session where I demonstrated and made a seascape collage card in 'real' time. This gave me the opportunity to engage the group in creating and connecting whilst being mindful of materials and the environment.

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 “The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.”

 Robert Wylan

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